Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf ? Malaysiakini ?




Those coming from the south using Seremban-KL highway were greeted with Police with machine guns and JPJ personnels blocking up the whole road to one lane right after the Petronas station heading to KL. Imagine to be caught in a man made jam at 3am!

Merdeka square is ‘squared’ off and Malaysian are not allow in Merdeka Square since its owned by BN and not by Malaysians. I’m sorry to all Malaysians as your Merdeka Square is no longer for Merdeka (Independence) but for Pengkhianat (Traitors) – Yes! We have been conned by Traitors disguised as Mr.Clean, Mr.Keris, Mr.Racist & Mr.Bocor. Read it on Malaysiakini here 

This is why we need a reform!


update: saw fronpage new with a title like this: ‘SAYA PANTANG DICABAR’ =’I DISLIKE BEING CHALLANGED’ coming from the PM. Now I wonder what sort of leader is this after all that ‘feel good’ promises but when questioned and challenged he fails by raising a reply such as this. Sounds like a ‘DICTATOR’ ???


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