Did Malaysiakini , Malaysia-Today , Bersih & Oppositions supporters
– bring underaged children to the Nov 10th rally as Human Shields?
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Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan stated in TV that they arrested many including women and children. Now he claims that Bersih organisers used children as Human Sheilds during the rally. I find that odd as after scanning through photos posted on the rally (here, here, here & here) and found only Maroon human shields were present and they were not underaged at all!  

Is the IGP out of ideas to stress to the media or don’t really know what to make of such a large gathering of citizens that he of all thing resorts to Child Protection Act? Is he still smarting from not being able to apprehend our poor deceased Nurin’s killer? Imagine the police can lock down the entire KL and yet not able to catch a child rapist and killer? Lack of police personnels? nope? after what happened Nov 10 there seems to be ample.

Watch it all here in video:

1 ) Al-Jazeera Coverage on BERSIH Malaysia’s 10 Nov Rally
2 ) Zainuddin at AlJazeera: BERSIH Rally for Electoral Reform
3 ) Water cannons at Bersih Rally
4 ) AlJareeza: BERSIH Rally for Electoral Reform in KL, Malaysia
5 ) Bersih succeeds in submitting memo to King
6 ) FRU v Bersih @ Masjid Jamek

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