“NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS” – That’s the best news I’ve heard. 
Here are a few logos to go along with the ‘Boycott the Newspapers’ initiative. Feel Free to use by All-Blogs, CitizenThinkTank, Pelitar, Bersih, Malaysia-Today, Malaysiakini supporters & every reader.


The main posting taken from Haris’s site. (sorry Haris! since you too busy I cetak rompak 1st) http://harismibrahim.wordpress.com/2008/01/28/boycott-the-newspapers-initiative-launched-at-blog-house-today/

Yesterday, a ‘Boycott the Newspapers!’ online petition was launched. The petition can be accessed and signed online at http://www.petitiononline.com/hartal/petition.html

This morning the press conference to launch ‘Paper Free Tuesday’ and to announce the several civil society initiatives related to the ‘Boycott the Newspapers’ initiative was held at the Blog House. The committee has asked me to extend my thanks to the Protem Committee of the National All Blogs for their assistance in the use of Blog House and their support in this initiative.

Invitations to the press conference were sent out last Thursday and Friday to all the local mainstream media.

The Star, The Sun, The Oriental Daily,  Malaysiakini, S-Keadilan, Artis Pro Aktif and Centre for Independent Journalism sent representatives to cover the press conference. Also present were blogger friends as well as individual well-wishers. The committee wishes to extend its gratitude to all who came.

I will reproduce below the press statement that was issued on behalf of the committee this morning.

After the press statement was read out, to formally launch the boycott, an sms announcing the same was sent to the Big Chiefs at NST, The Star, Berita Harian and BERNAMA.




Committee members ( Chew, Helen, Capt Yusof, Shar and myself ) at the PC. 3 others not in the photo are Bernard (Zorro), Nanda and Fari.


Blogger / non-blogger friends


Our friends from the media


More friends from the media


Birdseye view of our media friends

You would have noticed that the committee and many of our friends were in yellow T-shirts.

Yes, to help publicise this initiative and to try and raise funds for this effort, we have also produced a ‘Boycott the Newspapers’ T-shirt.


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