Happy Voting to all All-Blogs, CitizenThinkTank, Pelitar, Bersih, Malaysia-Today and Malaysiakini supporters. Long live Accountability, Responsibility & Transparency – BARISAN RAKYAT!

Good Morning Voters,
I woke up early with my family and made our way to the polling station nearby. Its a refreshing walk and I thought of lots of things even from last night before I slept. I send well wishes via SMS to our dear friends that are running for a position this election so you can have a voice in the state and parliament without fear and favor.

On the way there I thought of how good it was back in the 70s I could drink from my school tap good clean looking water. In the 80s its tinted but still drinkable no smell or unwanted taste, then 90s became brown and I think many people including me didn’t dare to anymore. Come 2000’s it all turned black – meaning you change the outdoor filter and on back the water and in 1min with was brown – the following day its dark brown – then walah! KOPI-O without you needing to order one from your neighbourhood mamak!

Did Malaysia improve? Did Malaysians get a better deal after 50years? Your take clean water or black slim shady? I know I prefer clean water and that’s how I prefer my new Government to be.

When I reached the voting place and got my ‘saluran’ number, I noticed they devided each ‘saluran’ by age group. ‘Saluran’ 1 had the oldest voters and it goes down to ‘saluran’ 6 being youngest. That’s how the Government knows which age group votes who at which location. The other thing is I noticed young people don’t wake up early. The line for elders were much longer than in ‘saluran’ 5 and 6. It might be true young people care less and rather spend the night clubbing than worry about the country’s future. Maybe they have a choice to work overseas or get PR else where.

Anyway I’ve done what I need to do and may the best party wins wherever they can.

“We do have a choice and Barisan Rakyat gives you the voters not only one choice.”
The choice to choose
The choice to voice out
The choice to reject
The choice to punish bad leaders
The choice to put intelligent leaders in Parliament
& many more choices to your liking…. so who says you have only one choice?
“BN” why cause they have no choice because they lack the ability to lead a Global Malaysia.



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