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calvin_booger.jpg  In regards to the post by Elizabeth Wong on “What are they trying to hide”, there were incidents in some districts offices where hardcore BN supporters warned department staffs to leave as they tried to remove computers from each department. Reason being told is its BN’s property and they do not want Oppositions to get their filthy hands on them. I presume there more to it than just the property but the contents in the computer that’s more important. What’s inside we won’t know unless some staff from those department is willing to come forth with more information about it.

Post by Malaysiakini – Elizabeth Wong: http://elizabethwong.wordpress.com/2008/03/12/what-are-they-trying-to-hide/ 

Fortunately, some members of the media caught this on camera. Unfortunately, we can’t march right in to stop them because:(i) we haven’t been sworn in;
(ii) police has cordoned off the state office since Saturday night.






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