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Just back from Penang. May I say to all Penangites – you made the right choice. When I was there the fellow paid UMNOputras were giving a loud welcome present to Penang’s new Chief Minister. How nice of them to delay my taxi and made me stand under the hot sun. Wanted to seek a meet with Y.B. Jeff Ooi but my sms didn’t reach him as his mobile may be off. Neither did I get any reply after it was received, can’t blame him cause DAP needs to set things right fast! 

Anyway Penang is BEAUTIFUL and need not have those Mega projects like PGCC which by the way locals dislike. Its congested enough and Penang is more than super high density hig rise buildings that add no value to Penang other than making it look more like KL which is not to be. If they do need to build anything it should be on the mainland not the island.

Penang needs a good public transport system so locals and tourists are able to travel the island hassle free and enjoy its historic and natural beauty as well as the people. Ah! the people, lovely until you mention PM or KJ…. boy oh boy! you would be entertained for hours. Now I understand why Penang fell from BN’s grip.

Want to find the best source of information you need not look further than your Taxi driver. Not just any Taxi driver, I was in a few driven by MALAY/MUSLIM drivers. They could have spent the whole day giving me the run down of PM & Gang while touring the island. Instead of telling me historic legends of Penang they can show me which, where and when someone made some huge profits from some huge NEP project. “Tengok sini-lah Dato’ Hijau ini makan duit rakyat” one said, to my amusement the development there didn’t look any bit as expensive as mentioned.

“Ini semua perompak rakyat,” “Saya undi DAP lor” “Taip-taip hari media BN memburukkan pembangkang, semua pun jelak”, “Sini chiak, sana chiak howlian lor” “Ini Umno buat luan nia, sudah su mahu mogok sikit pun tak gentleman” “Tengok Koh gentleman lar” – Wow, Penang taxi drivers really can speak Hokkien leh! I’m so proud when I hear a Malay speaking some Chinese as we can speak Malay anytime but hearing them speak means more as it shows Malaysia is really capable to progress without being race centric. Barisan Rakyat sprit does live in many and I’m sure its very much embedded now in Penang. They can see beyond race and really want a better life. My salute to the Taxi drivers’ of Penang.


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