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Recently there seems to be lots of rumours and half truth flying around and printed in BN owned papers. Even false PAS flyers are making their rounds in Perak as well as false SMS spreading around without much response from PDRM. Very unusual for PDRM to keep mum on matters that might raise racial tensions. Suddenly peaceful demonstrations without police permits are becoming norm without any FRU backlashes and detentions of demonstrators.

Certain MSM tries to provoke DAP members with false declarations of this and that by another party PAS and hope to be the 1st to break the DAP-PKR-PAS Barisan Rakyat team apart. As usual DAP tends to jump sky high in response without first checking if there’s any truth to the matter. In another light PAS seems to be doing much of the mending and positive news comes out more often about DAP. They seem to be trying to pacify fears from Malays and Chinese as well as Indians from negative news portrayed by MSM. 

If you were to stand back and see the plan from BN Umno specifically to mess up the newly won states with their attacks via MSM, SMS, Demonstration, Rumours, Cybertroopers and even maybe planted moles in DAP-PKR-PAS.

What the new coalition should do is talk to each other in all matters and refrains from over-reacting to certain news especially from MSM. DAP-PKR-PAS are no longer oppositions in the five states and they must be ready to behave like leaders and not scream but talk as leaders so the citizens will feel they are worth their votes.

It’s going to be a long road and BN Umno will not stop its nonsense because they are ruled by gangsters and not gentlemen. Neither will PM issue a warning to the members to stop their monkeying around or even dare to take the rap himself. So its up to DAP-PKR-PAS to form a true non-race based Barisan Rakyat party and lead us to humble BN especially Umno once and for all.



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