For Malaysiakini & Malaysia-Today Fans & All Bloggers…

I am sad to say I’ll be quiting blogging. Due to the lack of readership and sudden banning of my blog from Malaysiakini’s Mkini in Blogs links. Its very upsetting to know that my blog will not be read by anyone else other than those that did a search. This happened right after GE12 and from then on no more posts were picked up from Mkini but other bloggers were hit 4 times a day making it look like a clone of their whole blog. I am also a fan of many blogs that were listed but now those bloggers are also not wanted in Mkini. I therefore think its grossly unfair for others to be sideline for only a few.

Just like plan to boycott MSMs and make them lose readership, I decided to stop blogging due to lack of readership as well. Its better to focus my time and effort on my own life since my blogging is not making any difference to anyone elses.

I’m sorry my Views don’t matter!

The end of Wattahack…. The Fool!



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