‘THE TORCH’ . Malaysiakini .

wattahack! malaysiakini misses the olympic torch post and photos as usual.

  The 1st Malaysian Olympic Torch Blogger?














who cares! cause MarinaM was soooooooooo ultra nice to bring along ‘THE TORCH’ for us mortals to drool over and touch at mee-rebus tuesday. now how many lifetime does anyone gets to be near the symbol of unity and great human potential.

designed by Lenovo (tongue twister brand name) it looks great and nice to hold as the handle is coated with a silky rubber much like those used on notebooks. the top part is made from aluminium engraved with clouds pattern. both parts adds up to almost the length of a baseball bat.  

now where did i place my cat suit? wonder if MarinaM is out tonight…… 



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