UMNO V3.0 – malaysiakini + malaysia today

ref: from Malaysiakini post 

” Ahoy! Man abroad Man abroad Sound the Bell Man abroad ”

TUN M must had a sleepness night before deciding to abandon the Had-Badawi-hari ship. Especially so right after he met Najib the ‘I do not know her’ Deputy PM. Smell a fog coming, see a ship going to hit something soon? Jump ship lar! don’t be so stupid to go down with a sleeping captain and 4 racks mateys.

Nothing wrong with leaving Umno v2.0 when its always possible to start Umno v3.0 with a new captain onboard. If a captain refuses to leave his ship to you its easier to build your own ship than fighting his henchmen. Now we wait and see who’s going to abandon ship to follow Tun to build Umno v3.0. With a new head captain they can steer faster than one laden with tons of garbage and deadwoods.

PM will have no power to impose on the new Umno as he won’t be a member off anyway. That leaves Tun and the new captain to dictate the game. Even if less than 50% leaving Umno to Umno v3.0 is more than enough to put Umno in disarray and shipwreck faster.

Now lets sit back and watch the Malaysian Titanic show starring Jack the Badawi and Rose the Matahari….


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