BENAR’S MEDIA FREEDOM WALK – malaysiakini + malaysia today

Date : 1st June, 2008

Time : 9.00 am

Starting point : Dataran Merdeka

Destination : National Press Club

The following has been excerpted from the BENAR blog :

While we, the organisers, can direct the theme and thrust of the event, journalist participation will be determined by organisations such as the NUJ, the NPC and the various media groups. We look forward to strong support from them. This is an opportunity that they should not miss out on. Please pass the word around and tell every journalist whom you know about this event.

As to ordinary citizens and bloggers, here is your opportunity to show that you desire Media Freedom. Come and take the Walk with your journalist brethren and show your solidarity with them. We, as a people, can help to move our nation forward on the road to civil liberties.

For more info, go to the BENAR blog HERE

See you all at Dataran on Sunday, 1st June, 2008

(Extracted from Brother Haris Ibrahim’s Blog)

Here’s something for the occasion – Media Freedom Polo Tshirt visual ( had to modify original logo to enable faster & easier embroidery works ) 


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