MEDIA FREEDOM WALK – malaysiakini + malaysia today

Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim
de facto Law Minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim

Photos here:

Jokes aside… I think the media people really need to gather up a force to be reckon with by our sleeping government. Then they can make real changes. Maybe one day a great walk will happen much like the thousands of lawyers that walked in Putrajaya. This walk is not going to ruff any feather. If you media really believe in press freedom then make it happen! The public will stand by you all against your political masters.

read more about the Media Walk at Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today.

Tony also was featured on BLOG – RTM1 tonight. Much an achievement for bloggers that mainstream media is seeking our opinions. Lets all work together for a better Malaysia and total Free Press.

Tony\'s Interview on Blog RTM1



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