Selamat Hari Raya to all Malaysiakini & Malaysia-Today readers as well as those still without Internet access.

Don’t worry you can move to Penang next year where they will give you free access, you only need to find a PC.

This Raya we mustn’t forget about the unfortunate people as well as eggs. Yes! eat less eggs this Raya so more poor people can get theirs cheaper without over inflated price. Those in prison and ISA may get to enjoy 4 eggs instead of 2 this Raya if we helped out.

Also to all child killers, robbers, rapist & corrupted figures, you are welcomed to celebrate as this country doesn’t put real dangerous people in jail or ISA just align yourself with any BN party you’ll be in safe hands.

We must also thanks BN for all inflated prices in the market after the fuel subsidy reduced and for much better public transportation than we have in 1941. Everything is up but we know its for our own good so we eat less spend less and save less as well.

Thank goodness somethings do come down and that’s our KLSE yahooo…… so now many of us poor people can buy stocks since its dirty cheap and surely we can achieve more than 50% NEP levels by 2020.

For our Chinese Muslims friends this must be the greatest Raya cause you just got approval to build a CHINESE MOSQUE! yeh! talk about UMNO-PAS worrying about non-bumi getting more MP seats in parliament. Lets forget about that MP seats man, lets build more CHINESE MOSQUE! and make more Chinese masuk Melayu so we all can be a family and enjoy NEP forever. Since many Indians Melayus (Mamak) why not more Chinese Melayus (Cimak). Talk about Bangsa Malaysia won’t this be great?

Last but not least a special RAYA dedication to our True Malay, Chinese, Indian dan Lain-lain Hero – A beach dedicated to RPK its called the FREE RPK – Bitch!




230908 BAD DAY FOR MALAYSIANS – malaysiakini

Hell's Caretaker


Today they sent RPK to the UMNO’s Dungeon. Today wasn’t a good day for me as well as things that could go wrong did from morning till evening. 

What they did to RPK was as good as closing our Malaysian Courts and doing away with all Judges and Lawyers.  What is the point when you can just use ISA no court no lawyer no judge just a pen to sign the deed. While we are at it why not make Putrajaya into a Dungeons & Dragons attraction. VIP Dictators most welcomed as well as rapist, murderers, racists and facists.

There’s nothing left to rule after what UMNO’s done with Malaysia if the King don’t stand up for his people.

MISSING RAJA PETRA – malaysiakini

Today is Monday 22 Sept 08 and Y.M. RAJA PETRA is still under lock-up due to ISA. We all miss him and hope he will be released way before Hari Raya. Not only him, others under ISA should be freed so they too can spend Hari Raya with their family as well.

Help to spread this message and make this coming Hari Raya special!

If you haven’t please click the image below, read the petition and sign it, please, and then get all your family and friends to do the same.


A TRIBUTE TO SHEIH – KICKDEFELLA ( malaysiakini , malaysia-today )

My did we come a long way. I 1st met Kickdefella at Starbucks along with Mob. Back then we were freshies in poliblogs and was much attracted to Sheih’s fantastic and sometimes humourous makeover posters. Actually Sheih’s the man that started all the poster thingy. Later, Mob & I were sidekicks adding more & more posters to the blogsphere. No much later the left to work in Kelantan. He’s creative and willing to explore the outer boundries while others are confined to the box. That’s his GOD given Gift. Welcome home Sheih! I’m sure you’ll have more creative ideas after spending more time in the company of GOD. (sorry I’m not allowed to use ALLAH as cautioned by BN government)  

Penalty Kick






















Bicycle Kick





NO FREE LUNCH FOR ‘FREEDOM’ – malaysiakini

malaysiakini malaysia-today

FREEDOM – much is said less is done. Many political parties says they champion FREEDOM but less willing to stick their necks out when FREEDOM is really challenged. Malaysia will never be free as long as ISA is still available for certain leaders to abuse. All citizens and all politicians MUST STAND AGAINST ISA if they want and believe in FREEDOM. Read more here…

Don’t forget. And don’t allow the Government to forget.
Nobody deserves detention without trial.

See the list of ISA detainees here.

BUT what is this paragraph about then?

We agree with his view that “there [are] ample punitive laws to act against lawbreakers without having to invoke the ISA. [The law] should only be used on armed terrorists or those out to topple the government by force,” 

ANWAR 2 BADAWI LET’S DEAL – malaysiakini

Like any high stake poker game one needs to hold winning card to challenge the one opposite you. Anwar now claims to have those winning cards and is ready to call buff or showhand. In every poker game its best to force your opponent to lay down so you have a walkover claim. That will reduce the stakes greatly and damage to the opponent is lessen.

You don’t want to wipe out your opponent as the longer he stays the more your chances to make profit out of the game. That way you also reduce the chances your opponent flipping the table in anger to throw the game hence no winner.

It seems Anwar is very fond of poker and keeping the spectators guessing not to mention the ability to deal each winning card while maintaining a calm facial expression to further antagonize his opponent. By meeting the Badawi he will be able to strike a deal so Badawi can lose gracefully without supporters rioting.

So lets see how this game will turn out in the end. All bets on the table……..