ANWAR 2 BADAWI LET’S DEAL – malaysiakini

Like any high stake poker game one needs to hold winning card to challenge the one opposite you. Anwar now claims to have those winning cards and is ready to call buff or showhand. In every poker game its best to force your opponent to lay down so you have a walkover claim. That will reduce the stakes greatly and damage to the opponent is lessen.

You don’t want to wipe out your opponent as the longer he stays the more your chances to make profit out of the game. That way you also reduce the chances your opponent flipping the table in anger to throw the game hence no winner.

It seems Anwar is very fond of poker and keeping the spectators guessing not to mention the ability to deal each winning card while maintaining a calm facial expression to further antagonize his opponent. By meeting the Badawi he will be able to strike a deal so Badawi can lose gracefully without supporters rioting.

So lets see how this game will turn out in the end. All bets on the table……..


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