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Like any high stake poker game one needs to hold winning card to challenge the one opposite you. Anwar now claims to have those winning cards and is ready to call buff or showhand. In every poker game its best to force your opponent to lay down so you have a walkover claim. That will reduce the stakes greatly and damage to the opponent is lessen.

You don’t want to wipe out your opponent as the longer he stays the more your chances to make profit out of the game. That way you also reduce the chances your opponent flipping the table in anger to throw the game hence no winner.

It seems Anwar is very fond of poker and keeping the spectators guessing not to mention the ability to deal each winning card while maintaining a calm facial expression to further antagonize his opponent. By meeting the Badawi he will be able to strike a deal so Badawi can lose gracefully without supporters rioting.

So lets see how this game will turn out in the end. All bets on the table……..


12AM A NEW MALAYSIA BECONS… malaysiakini


Is this the New Malaysia yet? I hope so as we have another 24hrs to see what gives…. UMNO/BN or PKR/PR. Someone has to break and we all pray its the Monster that had been biting everyone for past 50 years.

The gathering at Kelana Jaya just over and most of my friends are there… the sad thing is I’m not as usual. I missed almost all major events funny how timing works. Thankfully was at the Putrajaya march and Media walk at least I was at some profound life/country changing event to tell my grandkids one day like what Zorro is able to do now! (I’m sure he can keep them awake! hahaha)

Anyway I got this funny looking icon here to share. Please do mail or post it around.

A Rose Among Thorns – malaysiakini

Zaid Ibrahim

A Rose among thorns that’s all I can say now. He was willing to come meet the media at NPC and even came to the Blog house. Which says much for an Umno guy what more an Umno MP. Thanks Zaid for standing against ISA and the Government you represent. Now PLEASE GET RPK OUT as we hear his life is in grave danger …post by Haris read here


ISA – UMNO’s Smoking Gun . malaysiakini

ISA = Unevolved + Moron + Neurotic + Agressor


We are losing the globalisation fight and yet Malaysia’s ruling government has so much free time to mess around. As if losing FDIs are not important they launch a sot-sot attack on non-terrorists and no where remotely near any national threat level. The only threat is UMNO losing control of Barisan National.

To think this Government decides to take us to a low chapter of Morons R’ Us department by using ISA which is what China uses for its oppositions and critics. After calling Chinese to go back China and say they are ‘squatters’ rather than ‘settlers’ is Moronic. BN MPs even dare to make a trip to Taiwan (cause unable to get China visa on time) to learn from the Chinese after calling them names? How MORONIC! Why we can’t learn to Tanam Jagung from our Malayan ancestors? Or are Chinese smarter at almost everything except making 1st class toilets? (this one goes to South Africa).

Where do we stand in the world? Lets see….. I would say we probably are truly a 1st class MORON! 


Gerak Keluar Lah GERAKAN – malaysiakini

Post taken from Malaysia Today here 

Ah-Mad Ismail blames Koh for tensions

It was supposed to be a press conference for the Bukit Bendera Umno chief, Datuk Ahmad Ismail to diffuse the situation.

What happened instead after the press conference was his supporters tore up in anger a picture of former Penang Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon and engaged in a shouting match with reporters.

This happened after Ahmad, while defending his position, urged the Barisan Nasional leadership to expel Gerakan from the coalition.

His supporters also engaged in a shouting match with a reporter from an English language daily that reached its lowest point with death threats hurled at her.

Anjing Umno Dimarah Tuan-nya

Anjing Umno Dimarah Tuan-nya

GERAKAN – if you see this and don’t get a wee bit upset then all is lost in your so called party. No dignity or any back bone left only weak-links that were so comfortable sucking up to the tuan. Even a dog knows how to bite its owner when its kicked by his tuan. If you do nothing it only shows you are lower than a dog. There’s more dignity in leaving the Ketuanan Umno team than staying. At least you will still have a chance to regain your long lost true GERAKAN spirit before joining team with a racist tuan.


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wattahack hits 50,000 but was born in 2004 by – malaysiakini mt harapan malaysia malaysia today 

Its been a long road for me. Did you know Wattahack was born way back in 2004? Yes! I’m older than you think. Here was my 1st post:

Monday, November 01, 2004


Welcome to WattaHack?
Isn’t that what you would think of when things go weary?
Gone wrong? Beyond your expectations….
Well, sometimes its those little things that gets to you.
Its got to come out somewhere right?
Thanks to Blogger here am I, WattaHack?
After which I was posting personal issues and many non-political things that not matter to anyone other than the romantical goooey lovebirds…. then came the famous lawsuit on bloggers Jeff & Rocky.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


I actually deleted all my old postings to make room to support our fellow Bloggers currently under attack by a bunch of GOONS (Grumpy Old Orang Nak Sue)
So it all changed and my posting where more social-civil-political in nature although I still am not for any political party as I believe to stay in the middle path or some may say civil rights path.
What a long way from to and such an amazing road. Most important is I grew as much as this Nation grew to realise we all matter most in our own welfare. No one will stand for us if we don’t stand for ourselves.
Best of all is the chance to meet all the other bloggers that made their stand and took charge and stood by what is great about this country – A Single Race called Bangsa Malaysia. Long Live Barisan Rakyat! Long Live Bloggers.

with love from Wattahack!



malaysiakini malaysia-today anwar by-election permatang pauh tun mahathir abdullah badawi khairy nalla ezam

PUTRAJAYA: Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim may have won the Permatang Pauh seat and claimed his stake in Parliament, but he would not be able to get 30 MPs to switch to the Opposition to form the government, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said.

The former prime minister said the Parti Keadilan Rakyat adviser might think he could “buy” MPs to jump to his camp but it would be impossible for him to “outbid the other bidders who have more money.”

“I don’t think Abdullah is a match for Anwar. This man (Anwar) can convince even the devil to follow him. He is going to raise all kinds of issues and questions and will demand and pressure the Prime Minister for answers. It is going to be a tough time for Barisan,” he said.


Let’s see…. do we practice MP buying in Malaysia? BN been buying MPs all these while? or they won’t have problem to use tax-payers money to buy Opposition MPs as well?

Well… that’s not important what’s important and really sounds interesting is that Anwar can convince the Devil to follow him! If that’s the case I’m sure Malaysians won’t mind having such a powerful leader to lead the country rather than a la-la leader that can’t even convince his own party people! Who wants a weak leader— NO ONE LA!!! Imagine we have a leader that even US of A is willing to listen to… WOW! or our leader calling the shots while other nations follow? How’s that for a leader? Ain’t bad for a Leader even the Devil want to follow.

No— don’t get me wrong as an Anwar lover… no no politics is politics and I’m not into politics or any political party cause me ain’t no follower. Wanna know something more interesting than the Devil and his Master? Well imagine if Anwar can convince the Devil, what say you if he convinced some of his best friends to play play with Pak Lah and Umno? Imagine if Mr.Nollah oops! Nalla is just roleplaying? Imagine if Ezam is to dive into the flames of Umno for his good pal? How about the chanting Chandra in Harry Potter’s magic cloak? all for roleplay sake to make Umno think they have the upper hand on Anwar.

If Anwar can convince the Devil, would it make sense for Chandra, Nalla, Ezam to no be convinced as well? or are they be so convinced untill they are willing to take the heat of the public and former friends to make the show real? Trojans know very well you can’t win the war from the outside. Raja Petra made it known if Umno were to fall it would be from inside.

Now in every game there’s a wildcard… imagine if Khairy isn’t what we all think he is. Imagine if he’s the hidden Gollum that opens the trap door to the hasten the fall of Umno and BN? how’s that for a Alfred Hitchcock classic twist in the story of ‘Anwar – Road to Putrajaya’.   

Well all this may be a figment of imagination, if you want to know the truth then ask the Devil … if you are willing to trade your soul, you too may find your door in Putrajaya.