The New Malaysian Kitchen Cabinet aka Dapur Baru

Now only the real Power vs power show begins….  the road to the PM’s throne.


Moaning Malaysia

So how was the suspense? Anyone had heart attack yet? Well it’s easy to sum up most Malaysians prefer cash for votes. A battered nation yes… Nevermind next 5 years it’s payback time for those small handouts prepare to pay up and don’t complain ok….  Happy moaning

R.I.P – Battered Nation


R.I.P – Battered Nation
the image says it all….


Let’s Vote for a Toxic-city

Come-on what’s so bad to have toxic stuff in your backyard? adds a little tonic to your water maybe your kids will grow up as X-men which they all wish too anyway…
Remember let’s vote BN for a superb Toxic-city.


Let’s Vote BN – part 2

Lets’s vote BN aka Bangla Nation! Sokong pembentukan satu negara baru dengan banglaputra baru. Sokong BN! Bangla Negara…

Video clip forms ‘real basis’ for phantom voter claim
Transfer of foreigners to vote is treason
Dubious voters to face citizen’s arrest


Dear Pete – malaysiakini malaysia-today

Dear Pete,

I was reading Malaysia-Today and saw your lasted post and totally thought WattaHack! I mean if you had a Dear Pete column instead of The Corridors of Power you problably won’t get sued at all… I mean its like some TV viewer trying to sue Oprah! come to think of it you should have a talk show (ala Oprah) called ‘Pete’ or something webcast every weekend. What a hit it’ll be and may give us webbies a fun-filled weekend to overcome all those nasty news we get throughout the day.

Well here’s a nice poster to promote your new ‘Dear Pete’ column… cheers! (p/s: if OPRAH somehow managed to Google this maybe she should do an interview with Pete! hahaha that would be fun…)



BENAR’S MEDIA FREEDOM WALK – malaysiakini + malaysia today

Date : 1st June, 2008

Time : 9.00 am

Starting point : Dataran Merdeka

Destination : National Press Club

The following has been excerpted from the BENAR blog :

While we, the organisers, can direct the theme and thrust of the event, journalist participation will be determined by organisations such as the NUJ, the NPC and the various media groups. We look forward to strong support from them. This is an opportunity that they should not miss out on. Please pass the word around and tell every journalist whom you know about this event.

As to ordinary citizens and bloggers, here is your opportunity to show that you desire Media Freedom. Come and take the Walk with your journalist brethren and show your solidarity with them. We, as a people, can help to move our nation forward on the road to civil liberties.

For more info, go to the BENAR blog HERE

See you all at Dataran on Sunday, 1st June, 2008

(Extracted from Brother Haris Ibrahim’s Blog)

Here’s something for the occasion – Media Freedom Polo Tshirt visual ( had to modify original logo to enable faster & easier embroidery works )