Moaning Malaysia

So how was the suspense? Anyone had heart attack yet? Well it’s easy to sum up most Malaysians prefer cash for votes. A battered nation yes… Nevermind next 5 years it’s payback time for those small handouts prepare to pay up and don’t complain ok….  Happy moaning


Let’s Vote for a Toxic-city

Come-on what’s so bad to have toxic stuff in your backyard? adds a little tonic to your water maybe your kids will grow up as X-men which they all wish too anyway…
Remember let’s vote BN for a superb Toxic-city.

Let’s Vote BN – part 2

Lets’s vote BN aka Bangla Nation! Sokong pembentukan satu negara baru dengan banglaputra baru. Sokong BN! Bangla Negara…

Video clip forms ‘real basis’ for phantom voter claim
Transfer of foreigners to vote is treason
Dubious voters to face citizen’s arrest


Online Dangers – Click here 

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Despite the warnings of Internet predators, teenagers continue to post personal details about their life online.

“My dad doesn’t even know I have a Myspace [profile], because if he did he would flip!” says Megan, age 16.

“My [phone] number was on Facebook and I shouldn’t have put my number on Facebook!” says Savannah, age 15.

Samuel Rayburn, 18, says kids know the danger. “Putting [your personal information] all over the Internet — they know somebody is going to see it.” Continue reading