Let’s Vote for a Toxic-city

Come-on what’s so bad to have toxic stuff in your backyard? adds a little tonic to your water maybe your kids will grow up as X-men which they all wish too anyway…
Remember let’s vote BN for a superb Toxic-city.


Head-shaving ‘gimmick’ abuse of temple, says Soi Lek

Let’s vote MCA –  Monk Can Act
who says CSL cannot shave head? see photo his actually very handsome la botak.
no wonder so many PRC milfs love his acting in VCD…

CLS Botak

Head-shaving ‘gimmick’ abuse of temple, says Soi Lek





Better Health Management for Malaysiakini readers?

MJ Life, a well-established International health screening Company has leaped from a Taiwan local company into a strengthened multinational Group after 20 years’ dedicated hard work, . MJ is The first direct administrative chain institute of health screening in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Malaysia. Their MAJOR MJ AMHTS has gained the patent of commercial system in high-quality health screening.

The fundamental idea is to care for the people and they are committed to promoting all-dimensional healthy lifestyle. Through their professional health care management services, they will be able to build the biggest health management platform. MJ Life Malaysia is located at IBM Tower Bandar Utama with the size of 31,000 sq. ft. The center comes with the most advanced technology and equipments which are able to provide more than 100 tests daily and fast results within 4 hours. Continue reading