Let’s Vote BN – part 2

Lets’s vote BN aka Bangla Nation! Sokong pembentukan satu negara baru dengan banglaputra baru. Sokong BN! Bangla Negara…

Video clip forms ‘real basis’ for phantom voter claim
Transfer of foreigners to vote is treason
Dubious voters to face citizen’s arrest


WHY I GAVE UP… malaysiakini

malaysiakini – malaysia – today

This is why many Malaysian’s gave up hoping for a better Malaysia. After being screwed front back left right and any hole inbetween Badawi & Gang pulls another fast one on us….(read SODOMY here)

I mean how low can things get before some crazies decides to C4 the whole Putrajaya to kingdom come. Really lar BN enough is enough lar you MCA MIC Gerakan PPP time to quit BN lar this is getting us no where and you want to see it get extremely bad is it? 

1st – no sane person will ever believe a same conjob twice.
2nd – why is that no other PKR close friend of Anwar has ever made any sodomy reports not even from Ezam & Chandra?
3rd – I’m sure if Anwar is a serial Sodomizer he would had even had a gangbang with the wardens as well.
4th – with Anwar’s bad back I think the sodomee would need to cow-ride Anwar to make it happen.

I suggest all newly graduate to look for a job or further your education abroad and DON”T COME BACK unless you like to be SODOMIZED by Badawi & Gang.