Well-done to Malik and Team for using the law to out-lawed the unlawful detention of Raja Petra by our arab wannabe Homey Mini-ster. read more here http://malikimtiaz.blogspot.com/2008/11/free-rpk-habeas-granted.html

Well-done also to those keeping up the Anti-ISA vigil. GOD bless you all!



P Pinang disaman guna papan tanda pelbagai bahasa
Nov 4, 08 5:35pm
Kira-kira 200 anggota Gabungan Graduan Melayu Muda (GGMM) mengadakan perarakan secara aman hari ini sebelum memfailkan saman di Mahkamah Tinggi Pulau Pinang terhadap kerajaan Pulau Pinang berhubung penggunaan papan tanda nama jalan dalam pelbagai bahasa  di tapak warisan Georgetown. Mereka mengadakan perarakan itu dari Padang Kota Lama menuju ke perkarangan Mahkamah Tinggi yang terletak tidak jauh dari situ.

Dalam writ saman yang difailkan pada jam 2.55 petang, gabungan itu memohon  mahkamah mengeluarkan perintah menghalang papan tanda itu dinaikkan.

Gabungan itu turut memohon satu deklarasi dibuat berhubung  Perkara 152 Perlembagaan Persekutuan bagi mempertahankan Bahasa Melayu sebagai Bahasa Kebangsaan, demikian menurut laporan Bernama.
Writ saman telah difailkan oleh wakil gabungan itu Nik Rizman Sapian menerusi peguam Sahrihan Jani dari Tetuan Sahrihan & Hamdan, dengan  menamakan Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang (MPPP) sebagai  defendan pertama dan kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang sebagai defendan kedua.

Dalam penyata tuntutan, Nik Rizman yang juga anggota GGMM, menyatakan bahawa beliau telah menghantar notis tuntutan kepada kedua-dua defendan supaya membatalkan keputusan memasang papan tanda nama jalan dalam  pelbagai bahasa di tapak warisan Georgetown.

Kedua-dua defendan telah mengabaikan notis yang dihantar melalui Tetuan Azam Aziz dan Rose Maria menyebabkan beliau memohon satu deklarasi dan injunksi dari mahkamah.
Ketika ditemui pemberita di luar perkarangan  mahkamah, Pengerusi GGMM Khairul Azam Abdul Aziz berkata perjuangan  gabungan itu bertujuan mempertahankan ketuanan Melayu yang kian tercabar.
“Perjuangan kami berdasarkan peruntukan undang-undang dan  bukan berdasarkan emosi semata-mata, kalah menang itu adat, yang  penting kami berjuang mempertahankan kedaulatan Melayu,” katanya.
Terdahulu 200 anggota gabungan itu mengadakan perarakan secara aman dari Padang Kota Lama menuju ke perkarangan Mahkamah Tinggi tidak jauh dari situ.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


by Humayun Kabir

IPOH : The five Pakatan Rakyat-led state governments in Perak, Penang, Selangor, Kedah and Kelantan are likely to take a united stand against the federal government’s move to implement the Solid Waste and Public Cleansing Management Act 2007 through three concessionaire companies nationwide by year-end.
They intend to sue the federal government if it goes ahead and implement the Act.
State education, local government, housing and public transport committee chairman Nga Kor Ming said today the federal government’s move would impose an additional financial burden on the people because it would privatise most of the services now carried out by the local councils.
‘I have discussed this matter with the state governments of Penang and Selangor and they have agreed to take a united stand,” he said.
“I shall be contacting the two other state governments of Kedah and Kelantan and I believe they will also agree to take a united stand.
“The federal government has been hasty in pushing through the act without proper feedback from the public and without consulting the state governments as they should do under the Local Government Act, which states that the federal government cannot impose any local government act in any state without the consent of the respective state governments.”
Nga said the privatisation of the council services to the three concessionaire companies would mean the assessment rates would go up “which will cause financial hardship to the public during this downturn in the economy”.
“There is a price tag for every service undertaken by the concessionaire company like, for example, the removal of carcasses from public places such as those of cows, which will cost RM250 each, cats or dogs, which will cost RM100 each, and chickens, which will cost RM40 each.”
At present, he said, the local councils removed such carcasses without charge.
“The concessionaire companies will bill the local councils for the cost of the services undertaken by them instead of billing the public directly to avoid public complaints. Nevertheless, the local councils will pass on the cost to the public by increasing the assessment rates,” he said.
“At present, members of the public caught littering in public places are slapped with fines of up to RM250 by the councils, which can be reduced on appeal.
“However, when the new act comes into effect, the concessionaire company will have extensive power to impose fines, whereby the minimum is RM10,000 and the maximum RM100,000 or six months imprisonment, or both.
“Also, the state government and local government will be burdened by the act, whereby both must apply for licences from the housing minister or director-general before they can handle their duties.”
Calling on the federal government to review the act, Nga said the scope of the concessionnaire company is “wide and far-reaching as it covers almost all the basic and core activities of the local councils”.
“The local councils will only be left with the duties to do landscaping, approving plans and maintenance of roads,” he said.
“All the core responsibilities, such as cleaning of drainage, handling landfill, and maintenance of public toilets, public parks and public markets will all be surrendered to this company and the local council will be rendered powerless to act on public complaints.”
Nga spoke to reporters after Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin officiated at the first state motivation seminar for the 338 councillors in the 15 councils in Perak at the State Secretariat. — the Sun


news posted by Malaysiakini.


We all know when the suing starts it never stops. It happens in US and now Malaysia seems to be getting up on par with them. Soon we have groups suing DBKL for Jawi road signs and Blind NGOs suing State Gov for not having Blind Signages on every road as well. See what I mean when the suing starts it never stops. Simply because under the art of wording and how you interpret those black & white words, anyone can find a loophole or excuse to sue anything under the sun. 

So in times of economic uncertainty, certain groups rather waste public resources, time & money to cause damage to anyone they dislike and hope to make some bucks and political mileage out of it. Should some student group NGO should sue teachers or Education Dept for their crappy results? Maybe Mom’s can sue Gov Depts or Employers for not having baby care facilities and free milk? How about suing KLIA for using multiligual signages and public announcements? Sue Astro for broadcasting non-malay shows? wow… neverending man!

I know one group likely to be very happy with all these nonsense… the LAWYERS! yes! soon we will have more lawyers driving BMWs and help the economy. What a way to counter economic slowdown!

Malaysia Boleh!


I feel Malaysians as a whole got the same symtoms as I’m feeling now. I mean Fever can drive you mad, Sorethroat can render you voiceless/speechless and looking at the Pendulum too long will make you loose sight. What does this all mean? As simple as falling sick can distract you and make you less productive. Its exactly what’s happening to me and I suppose all of us maybe?


read on here

Our bro Haris got a call .. what here’s whats said http://harismibrahim.wordpress.com/2008/10/16/stay-calm-and-stay-cunning-dont-react-for-now/

Lil Hummingbird caught up with me at the lay-by heading out of KL last night.

‘Jaya, Shar and Chee Seng are spot on’, he said.

‘Who is Jaya, Shar and Chee Seng? And correct about what?’, I asked


The comments by Jaya, Shar101 and Chee Seng reproduced below.

Jaya :

Banning Hindraf is a “smoke screen” to divert the nation’s attention from the ‘private sms’ and ‘public Eurocopter’!!

Only hope Hindraf’s does not fall into the ‘trap’ by responding as they ‘expect’ the reaction to be!
Need for a rational but strategic response is paramount.



Never mind the legal technicalities, bro.

It’s become obvious the authorities did not bother to heed Hindraf’s call nor did they provide a proper avenue for Hindraf to channel their grievances.

Militant UMNO needs a bogeyman.

In Hindraf, they found one or putting it another way, the UMNO-led BN government and the MSM have manipulated/reported events since Nov ‘07 to paint Hindraf as such.

Things will get worse now.

Hindraf going ‘underground’ will create opportunities for the powers that be to set up state-organised covert groups masquerading as Hindraf to spread chaos.

Unless AI and PR have better options.

We seriously need a political solution to avert a social disaster from happening. Question is – Will AI take the lead?


Chee Seng :

Is this a strategy to try and incite another May 13 or Ops Lalang?

Looks like it. Close observers of Malaysian politics have sensed a shift in the political climate since Dollah announced he decided not to seek re-election. The racism displayed by UMNO is no longer random. There seems to be more cohesion and focus in its expression.

It’s reminiscent of Ops Lalang i.e. a racially-charged scenario engineered by Mahathir who then swooped down on dissenters. Both situations also occurred when UMNO’s grip on power was under threat. Both situations cowed the nation into submission and allowed UMNO to weasel their way to a stronger grip on the nation.

It would seem that today the strategy has not changed, but tactics are a little more refined this time. Not because UMNO has become smarter, but because of their clumsy moves since March 8, they have to tread more carefully.

And since Najib, Muhyiddin and Mahathir seems to be one big happy family now, it’s pretty obvious Mahathir is calling the plays in the game.

So if we interpret everything that’s happening in our country now through the assumption that it’s all building up Ops Lallang 2 or May 13 pt 2, the strategies employed becomes obvious:

Step 1.  First neutralise the Generals of change – RPK and Anwar

Step 2.  Then incite the Malays to fever pitch – using Ahmad Ismail, Utusan Melayu, Khir Toyo, etc to paint everything uttered by non-Malays as anti-Malay

Step 3.  Antagonise non-Malays – blatantly lie about Teresa Kok, RPK, the Sin Chew reporter, demonise HINDRAF, rip up KTK’s photo, etc, etc, etc.

This is moving the pawns into position for battle!

The next logical step would be:

Step 4.  Confound the lieutenants to eliminate the second-tier leadership of the movement for change.

This can be done by crackdown or distractions. Since they have seen the rakyat’s recent reaction to crackdown, distraction is the more likely strategy employed.

Is it being implemented now? I believe so.

Plenty of issues are being thrown out into the open that divert attention away from people’s clamour for change of govt have recently surfaced – Cabinet absent from Parliament, refusal to re-table Budget 2009, fuel price decrease, RPK’s trial postponement, Utusan’s spat with Teresa Kok, banning HINDRAF, rumours of Zul joining UMNO, etc etc etc.

This will throw up plenty of fires to keep the remaining civic leaders busy. So instead of a concentrated push for changing the BN govt, the people’s energy is diverted to defending and supporting RPK, Teresa Kok and HINDRAF and trying to make heads or tails of the whole plethora of senseless issues.

These issues cannot be interpreted or reasoned out because they are designed to be senseless! So while the PR & civic leadership are thus occupied, the real strategising is going on between TDM, Najib and Muhyiddin.

Step 5: Strike decisively – Shock and Awe

Dear friends, it’s been 7 months since the election and the BN/UMNO has not shown any inclination to change or reform. In fact, we see their position hardening against dissenters. Now that the unholy trinity is finally in charge, the game will be up very soon.

We need regime change in this country if we ever hope to see real reforms. And we need it more desperately than ever with the global recession bearing down on us. (One can only assume that the PM-to-be refuses to table a new budget because when recession hits this country, we’ll be too busy worrying about our rice bowl than regime change.)

Let’s not be distracted from that goal.

How can we play our part in all this?

Do not be drawn into their evil trap! Do not get angry by their actions/words – that’s exactly what they want! Do not flame websites or blogs with our reactions to their shenanigans. Do not counter their comments.

Let’s stay focused! Our leaders in Parliament and in civic society need all our support!