Dear Friends & Foes of Blogsphere,

It’s been an exciting time since I joined the SOPO bloggers SWAT (See, Write And Tag) Team. How time flies and much had been done and much more needs to be done. What is sad is for me to see certain people using bloggers for their personal/political gains. How friends that walked together have to part when they reach a junction. Each to their own directions as destined. Well, it was expected from day one and after the election we see many types of colors showing.

For our Dear Hero Y.M Raja Petra – I’m gald you’re out and hope they won’t find some crappy excuse to put you back in as its been to stressful for your loved ones and friends. I pray your efforts are worth while and not just another pawn in some power game. Be it true or false RPK already made his name in every home and is an icon for many of us. God Bless you and your family.

For Bloggers United – I thinks its bloggers un-united by now since many new blogsters joined many left as well. It’s only natural and people have to get on with their lives be it good or bad. Others will take the baton of fire and keep them lighted and keep truth leading always. Just as in any arena there’ll be equally dangerous and reckless bloggers out there that does more harm to blogsphere than good. Just hope they won’t overshadow the good ones.

So that’s all folks… signing off from Wattahack? Adios compadres

Good bye hugs for all……









Well-done to Malik and Team for using the law to out-lawed the unlawful detention of Raja Petra by our arab wannabe Homey Mini-ster. read more here http://malikimtiaz.blogspot.com/2008/11/free-rpk-habeas-granted.html

Well-done also to those keeping up the Anti-ISA vigil. GOD bless you all!


HOlly CraP !!! What’s more important than our economy? how to get our economy moving… well Datuk Bandar is willing to spend some easy $$$ just to rename Jalan Alor and many citizens got upset including the Oppositions and DAP.

Now DAP gets even by proposing to rename a few road in Ipoh. WOW! talk about electing trustworthly people to represent the common folks to look after their welfare. Such a bargain to get politicians to work so hard to change road names. This may help the economy as well … Wattahack! DAP should propose to USA and EU to change road names to boost their economy as well.

Did anyone notice whenever a new state minister gets elected we get a new parking system? Well now Selangor wants to revamp Selangor’s parking system as well. Apparently we can’t have enough parking systems and need to make newer ones every few years. And everytime its the same-o-same-o statement that the new new parking system well be more efficient and bring in more revenue than ever…. yawn!

hint*… want people to pay for parking? make more and tow them double triple quadruple parkers! its not the system its the enforcement and bad habits of Malaysians! why? cause we all think we can get away with any petty crime in Malaysia – period! even big criminals get away what more to say………

by the way I propose to rename a road to Jalan Wattahack? what say you…..


HIPPIE RPK – malaysiakini

Hippie RPK

Hippie RPK

Malaysiakini reported Raja Petra just got hippier with beard and longer hair in court. Here’s how he plans to look like when he gets out. Let’s all sing this for him at the courthouse – “HE AIN’T HEAVY, HE’S MY BROTHER”



Selamat Hari Raya to all Malaysiakini & Malaysia-Today readers as well as those still without Internet access.

Don’t worry you can move to Penang next year where they will give you free access, you only need to find a PC.

This Raya we mustn’t forget about the unfortunate people as well as eggs. Yes! eat less eggs this Raya so more poor people can get theirs cheaper without over inflated price. Those in prison and ISA may get to enjoy 4 eggs instead of 2 this Raya if we helped out.

Also to all child killers, robbers, rapist & corrupted figures, you are welcomed to celebrate as this country doesn’t put real dangerous people in jail or ISA just align yourself with any BN party you’ll be in safe hands.

We must also thanks BN for all inflated prices in the market after the fuel subsidy reduced and for much better public transportation than we have in 1941. Everything is up but we know its for our own good so we eat less spend less and save less as well.

Thank goodness somethings do come down and that’s our KLSE yahooo…… so now many of us poor people can buy stocks since its dirty cheap and surely we can achieve more than 50% NEP levels by 2020.

For our Chinese Muslims friends this must be the greatest Raya cause you just got approval to build a CHINESE MOSQUE! yeh! talk about UMNO-PAS worrying about non-bumi getting more MP seats in parliament. Lets forget about that MP seats man, lets build more CHINESE MOSQUE! and make more Chinese masuk Melayu so we all can be a family and enjoy NEP forever. Since many Indians Melayus (Mamak) why not more Chinese Melayus (Cimak). Talk about Bangsa Malaysia won’t this be great?

Last but not least a special RAYA dedication to our True Malay, Chinese, Indian dan Lain-lain Hero – A beach dedicated to RPK its called the FREE RPK – Bitch!





For Malaysiakini & Malaysia-Today Fans & All Bloggers…

I am sad to say I’ll be quiting blogging. Due to the lack of readership and sudden banning of my blog from Malaysiakini’s Mkini in Blogs links. Its very upsetting to know that my blog will not be read by anyone else other than those that did a search. This happened right after GE12 and from then on no more posts were picked up from Mkini but other bloggers were hit 4 times a day making it look like a clone of their whole blog. I am also a fan of many blogs that were listed but now those bloggers are also not wanted in Mkini. I therefore think its grossly unfair for others to be sideline for only a few.

Just like plan to boycott MSMs and make them lose readership, I decided to stop blogging due to lack of readership as well. Its better to focus my time and effort on my own life since my blogging is not making any difference to anyone elses.

I’m sorry my Views don’t matter!

The end of Wattahack…. The Fool!




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Bloggers were having a Jom Makan session at the Blog House and suddenly Rocky told us TV9 is coming to do an interview as a follow up to what our new Information Minister cheekly said in the MSM that bloggers are allowed to roam free in cyberspace which is a 180deg turn from what was their stand before the 12th General Elections. Then again this is a new Minister and not the old Zam Zam ala Kazam Minister that made a magic act to poof off the Information Minister post. Did anyone catch it on 8pm prime time TV9 news today???