Well-done to Malik and Team for using the law to out-lawed the unlawful detention of Raja Petra by our arab wannabe Homey Mini-ster. read more here http://malikimtiaz.blogspot.com/2008/11/free-rpk-habeas-granted.html

Well-done also to those keeping up the Anti-ISA vigil. GOD bless you all!


MISSING RAJA PETRA – malaysiakini

Today is Monday 22 Sept 08 and Y.M. RAJA PETRA is still under lock-up due to ISA. We all miss him and hope he will be released way before Hari Raya. Not only him, others under ISA should be freed so they too can spend Hari Raya with their family as well.

Help to spread this message and make this coming Hari Raya special!

If you haven’t please click the image below, read the petition and sign it, please, and then get all your family and friends to do the same.