ISA – UMNO’s Smoking Gun . malaysiakini

ISA = Unevolved + Moron + Neurotic + Agressor


We are losing the globalisation fight and yet Malaysia’s ruling government has so much free time to mess around. As if losing FDIs are not important they launch a sot-sot attack on non-terrorists and no where remotely near any national threat level. The only threat is UMNO losing control of Barisan National.

To think this Government decides to take us to a low chapter of Morons R’ Us department by using ISA which is what China uses for its oppositions and critics. After calling Chinese to go back China and say they are ‘squatters’ rather than ‘settlers’ is Moronic. BN MPs even dare to make a trip to Taiwan (cause unable to get China visa on time) to learn from the Chinese after calling them names? How MORONIC! Why we can’t learn to Tanam Jagung from our Malayan ancestors? Or are Chinese smarter at almost everything except making 1st class toilets? (this one goes to South Africa).

Where do we stand in the world? Lets see….. I would say we probably are truly a 1st class MORON! 


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