What a thought provoking Sunday morning, while every Christian is celebrating Easter and Christ this column pops out from Malaysia-Today. Its an interesting article and if there’s truth to it then it means all of us are played out by Lucifer’s Grand Scheme. The very reason GOD told Eve not to take the Apple. It opens up humans to question GOD’s words. It opens their mind to control other minds. It made humans proxies to forces beyond our understanding.

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Mahathir’s speech properly addressed the dilemma of the Muslim world. But because he was careless in characterizing the enemy, he allowed them to use the speech against Muslims. The enemy is the Illuminati. Jewish leaders like Foxman work for Illuminati financiers. Muslims, Christians and Jews alike all need to be very clear about who the Illuminati is.

Mahathir’s Mistake: Enemy Is Illuminati, Not Jews      
Posted by Raja Petra   
Sunday, 23 March 2008


“Jews rule the world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them.” Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad recently made headlines for this statement to the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the world’s largest Muslim group.

The speech was actually opposed to terrorism, but the world media presented it (in the words of one Jewish leader) as “an absolute invitation for more hate crimes and terrorism against Jews.”

This is a classic example of how Jewish leaders create a false spectre of anti Semitism to manipulate Jews, and Americans in general, to oppose Muslims.

At a time when Israel and the US are threatening Syria and Iran with attack, as part of a larger “War of Civilizations,” it is necessary to highlight such media machinations.


Mohamad actually exhorted his fellow Muslims to imitate the Jews by thinking more, and not acting impetuously. Spontaneous acts of terror are not practical. “It is winning the struggle that is important, not angry retaliation, not revenge,” he said.

“[The Jews] survived 2000 years of pogroms not by hitting back, but by thinking. They invented and successfully promoted Socialism, Communism, human rights and democracy, so that persecuting them would appear to be wrong, so they may enjoy equal rights with others. With these they have now gained control of the most powerful countries and they, this tiny community, have become a world power. We cannot fight them through brawn alone. We must use our brains also.”

Just as angry people [Muslims] make mistakes, so do arrogant people.

“Of late because of their power and their apparent success they have become arrogant. And arrogant people, like angry people will make mistakes, will forget to think. They are already beginning to make mistakes. And they will make more mistakes. There may be windows of opportunity for us now and in the future. We must seize these opportunities.”

But generally speaking the tone of the speech was not belligerent.

“We also know that not all non-Muslims are against us. Some are well-disposed towards us. Some even see our enemies as their enemies. Even among the Jews, there are many who do not approve of what the Israelis are doing.”

The speech focused on the feckless, despondent and divided state of the world’s 1.3 billion Muslims. Mahathir said the Muslim people are rich in faith, numbers and natural resources, but pitiful in terms of power. He counselled a “strategic retreat” and an Islamic spiritual revival, without which:

“The Muslims will forever be oppressed and dominated by the Europeans and the Jews. They will forever be poor, backward and weak.”

He bade them remember the “considerateness of the prophet to the enemies of Islam” and follow a disciplined course:

“We must not antagonize everyone. We must win their hearts and minds. We must win them to our side not by begging for help from them but by the honourable way that we struggle to help ourselves.”


Abraham H. Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League, said in response, “Prime Minister Mahathir has made what amounts to a call for global war against the Jewish people by 1.3 billion Muslims. This is nothing more than a call to Holy War against Jews. It is grotesque anti-Semitism on an international scale. Mahathir’s speech needs to be condemned by responsible leaders of the civilized world as an unacceptable outrage and an affront to civilized society.”

U.S. Deputy State Department spokesman Adam Ereli said. “Let’s be clear: the remarks were offensive, they are inflammatory, and we view them with the contempt and derision they deserve.”

The German Foreign Ministry denounced Mahathir’s comments as “totally unacceptable” and said it called in Malaysia’s charge d’affaires in Berlin to protest. “It was made clear to [him] that repeating such prejudices and combining them with the tragic chapter of European and German history, the Holocaust, is irresponsible,” the ministry said in a statement.

Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said that Mahathir “used expressions that were gravely offensive, very strongly anti-Semitic and … strongly counter to principles of tolerance, dialogue and understanding between the Western world and the Islamic world.” (See)


Mahathir’s speech properly addressed the dilemma of the Muslim world. But because he was careless in characterizing the enemy, he allowed them to use the speech against Muslims.

The enemy is the Illuminati. Jewish leaders like Foxman work for Illuminati financiers. Muslims, Christians and Jews alike all need to be very clear about who the Illuminati is.

Exactly a year ago, I featured an article about an Illuminati defector, a former “mind programmer” named Svali. Everything Svali said should be taken very seriously. Svali said the Illuminati is not Jewish, but Luciferian. http://www.savethemales.ca/141002.html

“Yes, there are some very powerful Jewish people in this group. For instance, the Rothschild family literally runs the financial empire in Europe (and indirectly the States), and are a well-known Jewish family. I have also known people whose parents were Jewish diamond merchants in the group, and at every level. But to rise to power in the Illuminati, a Jewish person at night would be forced to renounce their faith, and to give their first allegiance to Lucifer and the beliefs of the Illuminati.”

She also says the Illuminati is very “Aryan” and racist in its outlook. Hitler, Himmler and Goebbels were members. German is spoken at the top. She may have been involved with just one branch but they are joined at the top in a “Supreme World Council.”

“Once again, these leaders are heads in the financial world, OLD banking money. The Rothschild family in England, and in France, have ruling seats. A descendant of the Hapsburg dynasty has a generational seat. Descendants of the ruling families of England and France have a generational seat. The Rockefeller family in the US holds a seat…. The financiers, dating back to the bankers during the times of the Templar Knights who financed the early kings in Europe, created the Illuminati.”

Mahathir played into the enemies’ hand by referring to “the Jews” in general, instead of to the Illuminati and the Rothschilds specifically. He allowed the Illuminati to use anti-Semitism to create friction between Islam and the West. He helped the Illuminati make Jews the scapegoat for their actions, just like they did in Nazi Germany.

I am a Jew but I do not control the world. The vast majority of Jews feel this way. They do not know the Rothschilds and they are ignorant of any plan for Jewish world domination. Most would oppose this Illuminati scheme if they understood it. No wonder they think anti Semitism is irrational and feel resentment. They don’t appreciate that many Jewish leaders secretly play a dominant role in the Illuminati plan.

Although Mahathir mentioned that not all Jews are involved, he should not have made statements that could be misconstrued. He should have taken his own advice, to think more.


The Illuminati operate on the secret society principle. They enlist people to fight for a cause but they don’t reveal the real purpose. People can’t appreciate that a multigenerational conspiracy could exist and dominate history.

The real purpose of Israel and the invasion of Iraq is to colonize the Muslim world and eradicate Islam.

Islam is the biggest stumbling block to the Luciferian world religion, secular humanism. (In the Luciferian religion, man and not God define reality. Thus women are identical to men because the humanist high priests say so.)

Jews and Christians should make common cause with Muslims in upholding the rule of God and in resisting globalization. We mustn’t let the Illuminati use anti Semitism to distract and divide.

The Rothschilds and Illuminati rule the world by proxy. They get others, including Muslims, Americans and Israelis, to fight and die for them.

The reporting of Mahathir’s speech illustrates how we are manipulated daily. We are all Illuminati pawns.

In Svali’s words: “These people love the game of chess, and see warfare between nations as creating an order out of chaos.”

Henry Makow Ph. D. is the inventor of the board game Scruples and author of “A Long Way to go for a Date.”



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